Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) apply to the contract to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. No modification or variation of any of these Conditions will be binding unless agreed in writing and signed by a director of the Company.

In these Conditions: “the Company” means Zebra Home Improvement Ltd; “the Client” means the Company’s client or customer for the Goods and Installation Works (if applicable). This is solely the person who has signed the agreement contract. “Goods” means all products supplied by Zebra Home Improvement Ltd, of any kind are the subject of the contract; “Delivery Date” means the date when the Goods are to be delivered to the Client’s premises as determined under Condition 4; “Installation Works” means the fitting/installation of the Goods at the Client’s premises and all associated building works and installation and commissioning of our products; “Installation Cost” means the price of the Installation Works as detailed on the Installation Cost Sheet; “Completion of Installation” means the date of practical completion of the Installation Works as notified by the Installers to the Client; and “Order Form” means the Company’s order form containing the drawings, specifications and price/value of the contract to be signed by the Client and on behalf of the Company.

a) The contract is formed when the Sales Order Form has been completed and the Sales Order Form has been agreed by the Client, and on behalf of the Company, and the Client has paid the Deposit as specified overleaf in the Sales Order.

b) Despite Condition 2 (a) the Company is entitled to cancel the contract by notifying the Client within 14 working days (Mondays to Fridays) of the date of the contract. In such a case the Company will return the full deposit paid by the Client.

c) The contract is between the Company and the Client solely. The Company will not deal with or take instructions from any person other than the Client who has signed the Sales Order Form.

The Company offers a site survey service. Any products that will need to be measured (e.g.) extractor fans, wall mounted accessories etc, must be on site at the time of survey. A charge will be made for any re-visit because of missing products. Due to the bespoke nature of the Products, once the Customer has confirmed an order, it may not be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, the Company will retain the Customer’s deposit and charges for the site survey. Any cancelled order for Products that have already been manufactured by the Company must be paid for in full.

a) Goods: 35% of the price of the Goods (“the Deposit”) is payable on the date of the agreement. The balance will be paid in full and funds will be cleared into the Company’s bank account 24 hours before delivery.

b) Interest: If the Client fails to make any payment for Goods in full on the due date for payment, the Client shall pay the Company interest at the annual rate of 4% above the current base rate for every day the outstanding balance remains due.

a) Goods: 35% of the price of the Goods (“the Deposit”) is payable on the date of the agreement. A remainder balance of 65% will need to be cleared into the Company’s bank account on the day of delivery. The final installation balance will be paid on the day the Company advises the Client of reasonable completion. This final payment is made to the installation team.

a) The above can be made bank transfer, by cheque, by card terminal or bankers draft.

b) Interest: If the Client fails to make any payment for Goods in full on the due date for payment the Client shall pay the Company interest at the annual rate of 4% above the current base rate for every day the outstanding balance remains due.

a) The Company shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for failure to deliver any Goods if the Company cannot obtain the Goods from its suppliers or manufacturers due to unforeseen occurrences.

b) Delivery times quoted by the Company are estimates only. If the Company delivers Goods after the estimated delivery time as a result of delay by its manufacturers, suppliers or unforeseen occurrence the Company shall not be in breach of contract and the Client shall not be entitled to receive any compensation or to cancel the order.

c) The Company will give notice to the Client when the Goods are ready for delivery and use reasonable endeavours to agree a convenient day and time for delivery to the Client’s address.

d) The Client or a responsible member of the Client’s family or household must be present on the Delivery Date in order to check and tick off the Goods against the delivery note as they are unloaded and to sign a receipt for the Goods.

e) Any costs suffered by the Company due to the Client’s failure to accept or make arrangements for accepting the delivery at the agreed time or postponing the Delivery Date shall be paid by the Client to the Company.

f) Such costs may include a storage charge of up to £25.00 per day or more plus VAT for storage by the manufacturer, carrier, or storage facility or at the Company’s premises. If the Client requests the Company to arrange a new delivery the Client may be liable for an additional loading and delivery charge which will generally be at least £125.00 plus VAT.

All Goods will remain the property of the Company until the Client has paid for them in full. The Company may recover possession of Goods after they have been delivered if any part of the price of any Goods or of the Installation Cost is overdue.

Any defects, incorrect items, damaged or shortage of Goods must be notified to the Company in one list in writing within five days from the date of delivery. Any Goods claimed missing after they have been signed as being present at delivery will be chargeable. If the Client fails to give such written notice within five days of delivery the Client shall be deemed to have accepted the Goods and the Client will not be entitled to any replacement goods. Any damaged or defective products or accessories that have been installed will not be replaced under any circumstances unless it is an apparent manufacturing defect that is covered under the manufactures guarantee. If any defects, incorrect items, damage to or shortage of Goods does occur, the Company will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that replacements are delivered promptly, but the Client is warned that normal production and delivery schedules can mean that such deliveries may take up to three weeks, or longer in certain circumstances. On a supply only order the Company will not pay for any return visits made by the Client's installer regardless of the reason or how many times the installer returns. It is advisable that with supply only products that the goods are unwrapped and checked with any missing items reported as soon as possible.

Each product has its own manufactures warranty. Please ask prior to purchase.

The following items are not covered under guarantee: Plinth joints and laminate worktop joints from water damage, doors and cabinets from peeling or swelling or from water, steam or moisture damage. Wear and tear is not covered under warranty.

All appliances, sinks and taps are covered under manufactures warranty. All appliances sinks and taps must be registered within 20 days of purchase.

1 year installation guarantee is given on all workmanship including gas, water plumbing, electrical and other building work.

Any specifications, drawings, dimensions and plans are intended as a guide. Whilst the Company takes reasonable care when preparing them, they may include errors and inaccuracies and their contents are not binding upon the Company in any way.

Installing our products may be a project that will inevitably disrupt the everyday routine of the Client. It may mean that certain parts of the home or office cannot be used for a period of time. It may be necessary to temporarily disconnect services such as gas, water and electricity, which could then be unavailable for the duration of the Installation Works. The Client must allow the Installers reasonable access to facilities as are required to carry out the installation. The Installation Works will be itemised in the Installation Cost Sheet. Any additional work required by the Client will be subject to extra charges which must be paid on Completion of Installation. If the Client is not satisfied with the Installation Works the Client should provide the Company with written notice of such dissatisfaction along with the specific reasons within seven days of Completion of Installation. If the reasons for the dissatisfaction are found to be reasonable by the Company, any such defects in the Installation Works will be remedied as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable. If the reasons provided by the Client are found not to be reasonable by the Company then the Client will be informed of the decision in writing. Installation time is only ever approximate and no claims can be made against the Company for delays in completing the Installation Works.

INSTALLATION NOTE: If our installers are being used than an agreed working time and date will be agreed with the Customer. Where the walls or surfaces are not completely level the installers will use decorator’s filler/caulk products to fill in any voids. Although our installers will take care in not damaging decorations the Company will not be liable for accidental damage to walls and ceiling.